Maeve brought them to her portion

The rondavel and let them in to the shade. In a short while a group of men carrying drums came to the door of the compound and spoke out their knocking, kokoko! In Kuri land five young men with drums coming in to the place where a get together was to be held would have been a major event with much fanfare and very, very loud bluster and banter. These five young men took positions along the shaded side of the compound wall and found ways to get comfortable. They had not shut the door and now more people came in, including women in elaborate dresses with pieces of mirror option binaire sewn onto them and trading binaire ornate embroidery. The women carried the largest gourds Ronny had ever seen and they carried pots and pounding and stirring implements.

binary 4They too found places to set up and to make their fires. The Director came in with a group of local leaders, and with a group of young men who were not at all jocular. The older tribal leaders were easy to distinguish from the others- they were clearly men of respect and their high woven reed and straw hats set them apart. Their up and downs option binaire were of a far superior quality than the drummers or even of the cooks. The young men immediately surrounding the Director were of a very different demeanor.

They were heavily scarred about the face and arms and they were scowling and yellow eyed. Banzu approached them and grasped the hand of each one in turn, carrying out an elaborate greeting ritual that included both words and hand gestures, snapping each others’ fingers and producing snapping sounds by interlocking and forcefully trading binaire releasing each others’ knuckles. Banzu was the largest of them, but was far from the meanest. The men carried clubs and machetes at their waists and circled the Director in a way that made it clear that they were a option binaire guard formed around him. The smell of cooking came from the area around the women and the men brought out long benches made from some unknown kind of wood.

The benches were arranged in a U shape and the Director took a seat in the middle of the U. The tribal leaders spread out from the Director on either side, and then the boogie boys as Owen called them. Pots of millet beer were brought out and laid in front of the Director and his people- these were the great gourds that Ronnie had seen. A small boy was sent to fetch a low table and it was placed in front of the Director, and then bottles of local schnapps and Scotch whiskey were put on top of it.


They stepped back inside

The Director had arranged for drummers to come to Maeve’s rondavel that afternoon, and for food and millet beer to be provided to sustain them for a discussion that he would like to hold. They agreed, and Maeve led them to her home, where she said that she would go back out and conclude her day’s work so she could rejoin them for the evening’s festivities. Northern compounds were not like the compounds in trading binaire Kuri land. They were constructed exclusively of mud and thatch and they were not open to the land. There were several round rooms, initially constructed as separate buildings, in a perimeter around the common area.
binary 6These round structures were then thatched for roofing with millet stalks and walls of mud were built between them, to enclose the clan’s yard. Where Maeve lived there was one main gate facing north. Owen referred to the yard as a close, and said that they were only safe once in the close. The main house in the compound had option binaire a flat roof with a ladder leading to the top, and since there was nothing but time Ronny and Tony snooped around with the help of a small boy who lived in the compound. They found blue plastic water barrels and pounding and cooking materials in the first room of the main house.

They found stores of millet in sacks in another room, and the small boy led them away from the bathing area. They heard some strange clucking from the rear room, and the small boy took them to see the guinea fowl pecking around the back room, hobbled by a string and smearing its own scat in its attempts to get up. They climbed the option binaire ladder and saw the top of the main house. It was flat and brown and it had a large earthenware jar stored on top. There was a young girl squatting by the jar, reaching in and pulling out what looked like clumps of cream of wheat, forming them with both hands into small shapes that looked like mushroom caps, and laying them out on the roof.

binary 5The young foreigners grinned their apologies when the young girl was startled by the interruption, and they backed down the ladder to the close again. They retired to a spot near the compound wall and took option binaire refuge in its shade. Tony reached into his pack and pulled out a horribly worn deck of cards that looked like they were made from newspaper, but the suits and numbers could still be seen, so the cards could still be used. He started to deal. They tried to move as little as possible and they sat playing cards enduring the heat until Maeve returned.